Blogger: 'Have Your Clients Seen Their Listing in MLS?' 
Posted 4/3/12 

GET IT RIGHT: Having sellers preview the photos and property description on the MLS is a smart step to ensuring accuracy and making a good first impression on buyers. 


When buyers embark on their home search, the first place they will likely look is the Internet. But if you haven't entered in MLS data correctly, chances are they won't even see your client's listing. 

Liz Spear recently shared this food for thought for consumers on her ActiveRain blog. Spear, a Sales Associate with RE/MAX Elite in Mason, Ohio, encourages sellers to ask their agents if they can preview photos and text before their listing is entered into the MLS. 

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Here's an excerpt from Spears' post, which has generated more than 100 comments on the issue:

Everyone has heard the numbers about how buyers start their home searches on the Internet. They find whatever website suits them, input a few key criteria and hope to see their dream home pop up in the results at a price they can afford.

Yet time and again, homes that SHOULD be at the top of a buyer's list AREN'T seen at all, or if they are, the home is torpedoed by poor photos and blah commentary. While we totally understand that you trust your listing agent to handle the marketing of your home, a little quality control can go a LONG way toward making sure your home is both VISIBLE and APPEALING to the buying public.

Every agent is human, and so are the admins that often enter your home into the MLS.  A typo can be the difference between a quick sale and wondering why so few people are coming to your home. As a for instance, one of the most expensive homes in our area with an almost four-acre lot currently has 0.0 entered for lot size. What does that mean?  Every buyer searching for homes with a minimum lot size (say one acre) won't see this home AT ALL! Poof! It's invisible to them. Even if the home has solid marketing and photos, that one error is all it takes to keep the right buyer from finding that home. 

It made me think about using LeadStreet to set up a sample listing for the prospective seller to see. This would work at the listing presentation but also before you enter the new listing in the MLS.
-- Fred Imhausen, RE/MAX Select, Greenwood, Ind.

I like to have my clients fill out a page titled "10 things I love about my home." This is a list short enough to not be considered "homework," but detailed enough to build a very accurate description in their OWN words. I verify the information is accurate prior to posting it to our MLS, write my narrative based on their input with some professional polish, add my well planned photos, throw everything into a Design Center template, and meet my clients to present it during my trip to place the sign and lock box. This allows me to be confident they'll be pleased with OUR description, and more importantly they feel that we are selling their home as a "team." This builds trust and relationships with our clients.
-- Ashley Jarvis, Salinas, Kan.

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