Download, Share New No. 1 Logo 
Posted 8/18/11 
DOWNLOAD IT: The new No. 1 RE/MAX logo is now available on the Official Logos page on Mainstreet.
A new No. 1 RE/MAX Balloon logo will help you spread the word that the RE/MAX brand is the best in the business.

At the RE/MAX Broker Owner Conference in Los Angeles, RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder Dave Liniger unveiled the new logo, part of a wider, more aggressive marketing plan that is unabashedly asserting RE/MAX as the clear real estate leader. The graphic is yours to put on business cards, marketing materials, websites, social media pages, and anywhere else you can spread the word.

The logo* is available in several downloadable forms on the Official Logos page (under the Marketing tab) on Mainstreet:


*Please note that this logo design is slightly different than what was displayed on stage during the Opening General Session in Los Angeles. If you took photos or video of the session, please don't use that version of the logo going forward.

Now in Design Center
The No. 1 logo is now one of your logo options in the RE/MAX Design Center. To update your logo preference, follow this path from the Design Center home page: Profile Tab >> Logo >> Choose the image >> Save. The new logo will be the default image on all of your designs.

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