MLS Bloopers: 'House Will Smell Fast' (3) 
Posted 8/1/11 

MLS NO-NOs: Can you imagine an MLS entry calling this house a "germ" or declaring that it "will smell fast?" These typos are real.
"Freshly stained bathroom."

"Will smell fast."

We’ve all seen these kind of typos – or unintended messages – in MLS ads. Lisa Loper, a Sales Associate with RE/MAX Realty Group in Harleysville, Pa., found several
MLS entries that will give you a chuckle. Her comical observations are featured in an online article on a local news site.

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Here’s an edited excerpt from the article: 

You really have to wonder sometimes what some Realtors are thinking. 

Our MLS has lots of funny bloopers in the descriptions of homes. These mistakes are certainly comical, but no seller really wants their listing to be the object of jokes or ridicule.

The following are a few examples of what can go wrong with a listing:

Shower with multiple heads (That and "Psycho" will scare me out of the shower)
Heater with new boils (Sounds painful)
Seller is motivated – doesn't like the area (TMI, TMI)
Big lard in back of house (Is that included with the sale?)
Freshly stained bathroom (Will the seller clean that before settlement?)
Large walk in closet and hanging area  (Lethal injection seems more humane)
Big fenced-in yard with kennel and sandbox for the kids (Good for when you can't find a babysitter.)
Large in-ground heated poo. (Sounds like an environmental hazard.)
A sinking living room. (Does that go along with sinking house values?)
Will smell fast! (The Realtor must be stinky too.)
Oak bra with brass accents. (Sounds terribly uncomfortable.)
Good property for investigators. (Why? Are there bodies buried in the yard?)
Owner evacuated - will consider all offers. (Talk about your fire sale.)
Seller will not pay for any introspections. (Gee, and I've been feeling a little conflicted lately.)
This house is a real germ! (Got hand sanitizer?)

Comments (3)
One of my favorites was the house with "Souring Ceilings." I didn't know they could go bad like that!
– Craig Smyser, RE/MAX Capital City, Austin, Texas

In addition to the cases where the blooper is just an obvious typo, agents need to check their spelling too. I saw one here in the Cincinnati area that was for a VERY high-end mansion and it had "Parkay floors." Parkay? Did someone smear margarine all over the floor? How about parquet, instead? HAH!
– Tracy Hendricks, RE/MAX Results Plus, Milford, Ohio

Here’s something fun you may be able to share with the readership. I started a Facebook group that displays examples of bad MLS photos. It has almost 2000 members which includes many RE/MAX agents. The group is titled "REALLY BAD MLS PHOTOS" and is open for anyone to join or view.
Paul Meleedy, RE/MAX Welcome Home, Lakeville, Mass.


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