Custom Branding, Updates Now Available on Mobile App 
Posted 3/18/14 
Searching for a home on the go – and connecting clients with Associates – just got easier. The RE/MAX Real Estate Search Mobile App 2.0 features customized agent branding, a flatter design and improved navigation.

Based on user feedback, the app has been updated to better serve both clients and agents. Users are now able to log in to their My RE/MAX account on all devices and see the same results. This means previously saved searches and listings will now be available through the mobile app.

Since launching earlier this month, the app has already been downloaded more than 5,300 times and updated on more than 107,000 devices.

The RE/MAX Real Estate Search Mobile App 2.0 is compatible for download and use on the following Apple devices (requiring iOS 4.3 or higher): iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It’s also available on Android devices operating on the Android 2.2 platform and up.

Download the app today by visiting


Q: How do clients download the app?
A: To download the mobile app, search “” in the Apple App Store or Android Google Play. The RE/MAX Real Estate Search App 2.0 will appear. If you’ve already downloaded a previous version, it will automatically upload or be available for update on your device.

Q: How can I set up custom agent branding?
A: Visit Mainstreet, select the Marketing tab and choose Agent Branding for Mobile from the drop-down menu. There, Associates can find their Associate ID, as well as six easy-to-follow steps for branding each client’s app to your information.

Q: What are the three types of mobile app users and how can they associate themselves with a RE/MAX agent?
A: Anonymous users have not logged into My RE/MAX on or used a key to associate with an agent. Branded users have used an agent key to associate with an agent but have not logged into My RE/MAX. This is important because users will be able to change the agent they are branded to until they create a login. At this point, the consumer and agent are associated and the option to enter a key is removed. Associated users have registered with My RE/MAX and have saved properties or listings, or have been associated with an agent through LeadStreet. It’s important to note that these users will not see an agent key field displayed upon login.

Q: Where can I find the Agent Key Code?
A: The Agent Key Code is the same as the RE/MAX Associate ID. Associates can find this number on Mainstreet under the Agent Branding for Mobile page. The ID can also be found within LeadStreet by navigating to the Profile tab, then to the Account Information section.

Q: Upon initial login, what area is populated on the map search?
A: The mobile app will read the IP address at the time of login and display that city and state as the default search factor. The area can be updated by typing in a zip code or city and state in the search box at the top of the window.

Q: How can users change the map view?
A: A red gear icon located on the bottom left of the map provides, when clicked, default, satellite and hybrid map options.

Q: While in the map view, how can users look at actual listings with photos?
A: From the map, users are able to select specific listings, which will then open a pop-up view. Users who wish to view listings in a list view can click the list icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Q: How are agents listed in the search field?
A: The agent list is generated based on the current location of the map. The sort order defaults to distance from the user’s current location.

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