Past KW Agent Told 'You're Not Good Enough' 
By Deborah Ball Kearns, RE/MAX Editor
Posted 7/26/11 
When Brian Melville was a Keller Williams agent, he noted there was always a mystique surrounding the "big RE/MAX office" down the road.

"After five years with Keller Williams, I had a huge shift in my mindset; I was no longer content with a culture of low-producing, mid-level agents," Melville says. "I felt like I was being held back. I always heard that only the most experienced top producers worked at RE/MAX, and I was told I would never be good enough."

But Melville, who wanted to elevate his own game, defied the naysayers in 2010 and joined RE/MAX of Valencia in Santa Clarita, Calif. In his first year with the network, he earned his way into the 100 Percent Club, closing 26 transactions and selling just over 10 million in sales volume. So far this year, he has closed 20 transactions, with six more listings in the pipeline.

Living the ‘American dream’
Part of Melville’s marketing approach is the idea that he’s helping clients achieve the American dream. That’s why he stands proudly in front of an American flag in his marketing photos, which pays homage to his own success.

"Two of the main goals people have in life are owning a home and being successful," Melville says. "I think I’m proof of that, and joining RE/MAX has helped me live out my own dreams."

The move not only put Melville in the productive culture he was craving, but it also boosted his confidence knowing he had the backing of a global brand.

"Clients used to ask me who/what was Keller Williams, and I got tired of explaining it," Melville recalls. "RE/MAX is synonymous with being the best; it’s one less thing I have to prove in a listing presentation or buyer meeting."

Staying with the best
As his career with RE/MAX progresses, Melville isn’t done dreaming of the possibilities and he’s working harder than ever. He can’t resist raving about benefits that he didn’t have before, especially LeadStreet, which gives him two to three new leads each week.

Getting floor time and receiving all of the sign calls from his listings are also major advantages he now enjoys, not to mention the Design Center and the RU mobile app. The technology at RE/MAX is second to none, Melville says.

In an industry where agents come, go and switch brokerages, Melville’s advice to other agents who are weighing their options is simple:

"Analyze what you’re offered; you will have more money in your pocket with RE/MAX – guaranteed," Melville says. "It has been proven that RE/MAX agents outperform other agents nearly 3 to 1. A business model focused more on recruiting than selling real estate just nurtures bad work habits.

"There is a tremendous culture of success and high production with RE/MAX, and I couldn't be happier with my move."

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