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Leaving KW for RE/MAX

MEET THE TEAM: Pictured (from left) in the back row are: Danna Strange, Becky LaBorde,  Donna
Wolff and Melissa Landers. In the front row are: Lori Zachary, Lisa Landers, Jill Lemoine and Happi Hoffer (not pictured: Toni House).

By Deborah Ball Kearns, RE/MAX Times Online Editor

The word "professional" has a strong meaning to Lisa Landers and the nine Louisiana agents who joined her new RE/MAX office. They wanted to align themselves with a company designed for experienced agents, and RE/MAX was the obvious choice.

Most of the agents were top performers at their former Keller Williams office with a combined sales volume of nearly $30 million. They left Keller Williams after Landers formed RE/MAX Professional in Baton Rouge in January. The new office name was chosen with careful consideration.

"We consider ourselves professionals, and we're finally in an environment that embodies that concept," Landers says. "This move has been a year in the making, and now that we're with RE/MAX we have advertising, tools and brand recognition we never had before. We're having fun again, and we're writing more contracts."

The group of close friends made the switch because they wanted to create a boutique-style brokerage that offers intimate quality service in Baton Rouge's upscale southeast side. Landers says that her agents are each getting up to three leads per week through LeadStreet, and they love RE/MAX University's on-demand training.

Landers, who works primarily with luxury listings, is especially happy about the marketing options in The RE/MAX Collection. She used to pay considerable money for usage rights to Keller Williams' luxury brand on top of costs for signage and other marketing materials. With RE/MAX, she pays only for signage.

One of the new agents, Jill Lemoine, saw the move as a prime opportunity to create a quality experience for her clients.

"RE/MAX has a great reputation and brand name recognition, and my clients are happy with the transition," Lemoine says. "The web presence on is fantastic, and it's very user-friendly for both consumers and Realtors."

The agents' move to the network affirms that experienced, productive agents want to work with other top producers, says RE/MAX Mid-States & Dixie Region Owner Dennis Curtin.

"The best agents continually seek out ways to take their businesses to even higher levels," Curtin says. "While most real estate companies are retrenching in these challenging times, Lisa and other Keller Williams agents made the wise decision to switch to RE/MAX. It's a perfect fit."

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Comments (8)
I was one of the original Keller Williams agents way back in 1984. After the so called "profit share" idea came in, I decided it was time to change, as all they could talk about was recruiting, and it appeared they would recruit anyone. The old saying of "if you could fog up a mirror" you were onboard. They always talk about the profit share system. I left in 1995. I did try one other firm before becoming a RE/MAX agent in 1996 and I have never looked back. What a terrific organization. Anyone who wants to be a true professional should be with RE/MAX. Again, congratulations to the agents who had the sense to become RE/MAX agents.
– Karen Heesch, RE/MAX Austin Skyline, Austin, Texas

Welcome ladies to the best company for selling real estate today! It will not take you long to be saying why did it take me so long to move to RE/MAX. I wish you the best this coming year in an economy trying to find it's way and I hope you will have one of your best years.
– Alice L. Ray, RE/MAX Hometown, Wake Forest, N.C.

Good for you! Good luck with the RE/MAX franchise. I am sure with the experience you all have you will do very well. 
– Orvil Cairns, RE/MAX Central Plains Realty, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

I was a former owner and broker-in-charge for the Waynesville, NC Keller Williams franchise. I left over two years ago with two other owners and 10 agents. I am so glad I made the change. Working for RE/MAX has help me so much in these tough times. Congratulations and best of luck on your new office.
– George Irvin, RE/MAX Mountain Realty, Waynesville, N.C.

Welcome You-all(Y’all) from Massachusetts. I too was an “original in 1999”  but won’t bash KWR because I did learn, I did make some great connections. Truthfully I was getting tired of one word “culture”….However, times change and I wanted to stay with a great group that was being reformed under the REMAX label. I would be delighted to be your  “connection” here in the metrowest area. Warm regards from the cold snowy Northeast! 
– Faye Winer, RE/MAX Best Choice, Framingham, Mass.

Welcome to our new professionals in Baton Rouge. All the best to you from Vancouver, BC. I’m looking forward to meet you fine folks in person at one of our upcoming conventions and also hope to do some business with you in the future. Have an amazing 2011 with RE/MAX.
– Frank Heitzer, RE/MAX All Points Realty, Coquitlam, British Columbia

I too saw the benefits. Wow, RE/MAX has so many tools. Our office received 182 leads in the month of January and our agents paid nothing for them. Brand recognition is huge. The Balloon is Real Estate. My balloon is flying high.  Welcome aboard and let us know if we can ever help.  
– Barry F. Rachal, RE/MAX Executive Realty, Shreveport, La.

I had the distinct pleasure of spending a few days with Lisa at the Broker Owner training last month. I can attest to the fact that Re/Max Professionals is the perfect name for her brokerage as she is the epitome of professionalism. I am certain she is surrounding herself with agents of the same caliber. I look forward to watching her continued success!
Robynn Eccles, RE/MAX Associates, Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted 2/22/11