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Agents: ‘Keller Williams Can’t Touch RE/MAX’ 

• Other agents who once worked with Keller Williams

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By Deborah Ball Kearns, RE/MAX Times Online Associate Editor
Kathleen Cooper was recruited to Keller Williams from her independent brokerage last year with guarantees of a new office, 100 percent commissions and the opportunity to be a coach within the system.
After one year of false promises and little support, she joined RE/MAX in mid-October. Her impression so far?
“I wish I had joined RE/MAX a year ago,” says the new Broker Associate with RE/MAX Professional Associates in Sturbridge, Mass. “When Keller Williams recruited me, they told me that RE/MAX was really ‘FEE/MAX,’ but that’s simply not true. I get more services, education and training for free at my new office than I ever did with Keller Williams.”
Cooper isn’t alone. A total of five former Keller Williams agents joined the Sturbridge RE/MAX office in October with the support of Broker/Owner Lorraine Herbert and Recruiting Manager Pam Crawford. Gaining the new agents effectively stopped Keller Williams’ plans to open a new satellite office in town, Crawford says.
“We are constantly fighting the misconceptions about RE/MAX that our competitors perpetuate to recruits,” Crawford says. “When I sit down with agents and show them how much more they earn with us than with other companies, they finally get it. Keller Williams aggressively promotes a 70/30 split, but that only works in your favor if you’re not producing.”
The opportunity to put more money in his pocket also attracted Dennis Bottcher to RE/MAX Professional Associates. He had been with Coldwell Banker for five years before Keller Williams recruited him with the ill-fated promise of a new office in Sturbridge. When the project fell through, he switched to RE/MAX so he could stay in town.
“RE/MAX is a major hitter with better tools, resources and operational systems than any company I’ve been with,” Bottcher says. “When I had joined Keller Williams, my friends asked me ‘Who’s Keller Williams?’ RE/MAX, however, needs no introduction; everyone knows the brand.”
Bottcher reports that he has already received several referrals and action on his listings since joining RE/MAX. He’s working a listing, just sold another house and is closing on three others – all within a month of making the switch.
As Cooper puts it, moving to RE/MAX is a step up.
“Everything – the training, education, support and technology – is top-quality at RE/MAX,” Cooper says. “If you want to sell real estate and be successful, RE/MAX is the place to be.”

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Comments (10)
RE/MAX rocks!! In the worst times in real estate history I have just negotiated my 37th contract for the year and it is scheduled to close (at lender's encouragement) before the end of the year! Solid referrals through RE/MAX for listings and buyers, a sign on the street that visitors recognize as the assurance of a quality agent inside, and the reputation of longevity in the marketplace have kept me and my agents going. I am very grateful to what you accomplish for us.
– Bonnie Black, RE/MAX at the Beach, Calabash, N.C.

This is a great article. Good job.
– Mario Jannatpour, RE/MAX Alliance, Louisville, Colo.

Great article.  I will admit, I have been wined, dined, offered ownership in flown out to the seminar in Austin on Keller Williams dime, but I cannot see any value to leave a fabulous company like RE/MAX.  I have heard some people who have switched to Keller Williams and left shortly thereafter that they do tell tall stories to get you in and then they let you down.
Cheryl "CJ" Hamel, RE/MAX Realty Plus, Sebring, Fla.

What a great story.  All you brokers need to use this for recruiting!  I have been a Realtor for only 6 years, but started with RE/MAX Landmark here in Terrell, and will always be a RE/MAX agent.  My training, support and the great technology is outstanding and helped me have my best year in 2010…in a “down” market.  Too bad for all those who are on 100% with someone else, but haven’t sold anything to speak of….100 times zip is still zip!
– Karen Jones, RE/MAX Landmark, Terrell, Texas

After looking at the Keller Williams model, I concluded that only a disciple of P.T. Barnum could sell that program with a straight face.  When it comes to market share, brand awareness and professionalism, RE/MAX stands above the rest. Always has, always will.
– Ed Smith, RE/MAX Coastal, Destin Fla.

Thank you for this article. I feel the same was as Kathleen Cooper. I was with Keller Williams when I first started in real estate in 2007, and I wish I would have taken the advice of my cousin, Darrin Honnell, who works in Redondo Beach with RE/MAX. He said that RE/MAX is the place to be! I think I was kinda scared of the RE/MAX name. I figured that I didn't know enough to be with such a well-known company, but now that I'm with RE/MAX, I love it! I will be with RE/MAX until I'm 80, which is just 30 years away. My only regret is that I didn't join RE/MAX sooner! Thanks again, RE/MAX!
– Krisili Ward, RE/MAX Gold Coast, Ventura, Calif.

I joined RE/MAX in July of 2010 after 8 years with Keller Williams. Although I am very grateful for the experience I had with Keller Williams, I can only say this article was dead on with I encountered over my 8 years at KW. The culture of that company is supposed to be "above the rest, especially RE/MAX," but it is nothing but a great example of "do what I say, not what I do" at least at the local level.  I still believe their leadership at the top with Mo Anderson, Gary Keller and Mark Willis is true blue, but my experience at the local market level was unfortunately not a true picture of " We Are Family" culture. The part about broken promises in reference to coaching is VERY true. Promising coaching and training stardom is a carrot that has been used far too many times and they have lost numerous talented agents because of this un-kept promise. I appreciate RE/MAX is a business focused on results.  Praise God for true honesty and I am so glad no one has welcomed me to the family and told me how much they love me. I don't need my broker to love me or hug me, just be there (not on another vacation) when I need you. Thank you RE/MAX and Alan Riley. I have officially stopped drinking the cool aid.
– John Dietz, RE/MAX Realtec, Palm Harbor, Fla.

As I watched a couple of RE/MAX agents get sucked in by Keller Williams for what was touted as their great training portal I scratched my head since these agents didn’t take advantage of the exceptional training that RE/MAX offers. Long story short their business tanked once joining Keller Williams since to most consumers KW is an unknown name. They also didn’t use the training they were promised since it definitely was not all it was advertised to be!!!! Once a RE/MAX agent, always a RE/MAX agent. 
– Lisa Barall-Matt, RE/MAX Premier, West Hartford, Conn.

I switched to RE/MAX Realtron in Toronto 1 year ago-I am so impressed with  training that is offered weekly at head office and support from any one of the 7 office mangers. It is a highly motivational company and there are options for commission splits. We also get our CEU credits free throughout the two years (except for the mandatory 6 credits). I have been with a few different companies over my 22 years and this is the only one that has training and no owners in competition for sales.
– Diane Plant, RE/MAX Realtron, Toronto, Ontario

I thought this article was superb, and truthfully highlights the old adage that  says one should treat imitation with Flattery. It also reminds me of the Dealer’s Choice RE/MAX ad where the 100% commission guy keeps getting left out of the game.  There is a reason for that and this article demonstrates why…100% commissions do not exist. This is not the first article to demonstrate how KW agents have swiftly made the migration to RE/MAX after seeing the writing on the wall. It is a shame that Brokers can’t be truthful to their recruits about what they are really signing up for, but then it makes recruiting those agents so much easier for us down the line.  What makes this article even better is that all the comments prior to this one seem to strengthen the RE/MAX brand simply because they are all based on measurable truth.   
– Darren De Wilde, RE/MAX Prestige, Freehold, N.J.

Posted 11/30/10